The professionals at E-Z Flow Gutters are experts in roofing solutions for every budget and every home.


You might argue that there's nothing more essential to your home than the roof over your head. But a roof is also so much more than that. Of course your roof needs to keep you warm and dry, but it also contributes to the overall look of your home. We work with you to determine the best choices for your needs and budget, but also always aim to keep the style and value of your home in mind.


Most people feel overwhelmed about a roof replacement from the start. It's okay, we're ready for that. And we've got options! Cost, ease of installation, appearance and the climate you live are all things to consider when choosing a roofing material and style. We are equipped to install any style of roofing, including Metal Roofs, Cedar Shake, Slate and Synthetic Slate.

The most common roofing membrane used today is Architectural Shingle. Shingle roofs are durable and a good choice for most homes due to the lower cost and variety of style and colors.

Whichever your preference, our team of professionals have the specialized knowledge needed to handle any kind of material and installation. That said, our preferred manufacturer for most roofing needs is GAF Timberline. We have all of their books and samples in our office or you can browse all options on their site and discuss with our team.