Do gutter covers & gutter screening really work?

In our 22 years of gutter installation, we've tried a variety of systems to help keep gutters clear and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing on the market today that will allow you to forget about your gutters completely. Even the costly hard covers that are sold by some of our competitors require some sort of maintenance throughout the year. Simply put, a regular gutter cleaning and maintenance is the ONLY sure way to ensure that your roof drainage system is clean and properly flowing to protect your home and landscape from avoidable damage.

Despite our recommendations, some homeowners still insist on some sort of gutter protection. In these rare cases, E-Z flow will price and install standard screening on homes where we feel they will not potentially cause bigger issues.

We're happy to discuss all options with you of course, but are firm believers that one of our service plans is the best approach to protecting your home and eliminating the risk and annoyance of attempting to clean your gutters out yourself!